I just mean all they use Maya for are relationships and if that is all she is used for then her character is not needed.


on some level i see what you’re saying bc olivia isn’t super great as an actress quite yet so i understand why they’ve been hesitant to use her for anything other than relationship stuff but they just need to branch out with her because when she’s pushed she’s good

I mean he is no Richardo so I think that is why Olivia has chemistry with Richardo and not Eric.


idk eric’s pretty fine imo like if either of them asked i wouldn’t deny them the goods lol. this is eric’s first legit acting job and i think he’s doing alright. *ricardo’s had scenes with olivia in the past so it’s probably easier to construe chemistry but like i guess the chemistry isn’t my biggest problem w matlingsworth, it’s the overall degeneration (lol @ dtng) of maya and miles’ characters 

What do you think about Eclare and Drew and Clare?


lol diligaf about eclare like they haven’t been interesting for a really long time. clare’s cancer storyline was a valiant attempt at saving them but alas they have jumped ship. and drew and clare idk i don’t hate them and i don’t get why people do. they definitely aren’t as horrible as people make them out to be

Eric is not that great as a actor really maybe he will get better.


i think he’s actually a decent actor lol idk i actually don’t think olivia’s all that great (but i still love her). she has potential tho e.g. I HATE HIM I HATE HIM

Maya has too much screen time they need to really just get rid of her character.


i don’t think they need to get rid of her but maybe like tone her down a little bit…they’ve focused on her a lot and i’m sure the boredom and stagnation we feel with her could happen with any character they fixate on this closely.

What happened to ride or die? Please don't tell me you like Zaya now?


lol you gotta admit like they have zero chemistry. sometimes i think they’re cute but most of the time they’re just really bland (but that just might be the overall crappy writing).

i’m putting the rest under a readmore bc i accidentally turned it into a rant

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